Semi Chukka - BK Dk. Brown

Inspired by Mexican huaraches (native sandals often made only of leather scraps and strips of tire joined together by nails) Yuketen’s Semi Chukka is a simple work of craftsmanship with elevated components befitting of the hand-made construction of this style. 

Each sandal is hand-cut and completely hand-constructed from select cuts of tumbled, American-tanned pebbled-grain leather. Solid brass buckles and hardware on the straps and upper, and a natural-crepe rubber sole, directly attached to the midsole, accentuate the hand-made nature of the shoe. Made in the U.S.A. from 100% natural crepe, this sole provides additional shock absorption and an incredibly soft and slip-resistant tread, providing sublime comfort to the wearer.

WARNING: It is important to avoid contact with any petroleum based products as they may cause the natural crepe rubber sole to dissolve.

  • Huarache construction
  • Bench-made, hand lasted
  • Vegetable tanned leather upper
  • Yuketen 100% Natural Crepe Sole
  • Made in Mexico