Ring Boots w/ Sports Crepe Sole


The Ring Boots’ liminal character, offering a mid-cut profile and slender silhouette between a shoe and a boot, made it an icon of 70's cool. The Yuketen Ring Boots is a modern interpretation of the classic Ring Boots that is rendered from an organic composition of leather, rubber and traditional moccasin construction. The double ring cinch strap provides this mid-cut moccasin with the convenience of no lacing and stylish comfort for everyday use. The rings are made out of nickel coated solid brass and they are also used for genuine horse gears. The snake head designed strap is Yuketen’s original design. 

Each pair of Yuketen’s genuine moccasin-construction footwear is handcrafted in our factory in Maine, USA. The shoes benefit from their construction using only the best components and materials such as the Horween full grain flesh-out leathers. The leather is described as ‘flesh-out’ as it is full-grain leather that is flipped so that the flesh side of the leather faces outwards. The advantages of using full grain, flesh-out leather rather than split suede leathers are two fold; full grain leathers retain their structure, thickness and durability for long-lasting strength and the smooth grain side of the leather wears pleasantly against the skin, negating the need for additional liners. This way, the wearer enjoys the benefits of full grain leather and the pleasant aesthetic of the nappy, suede-like flesh side of the leather.

To closely mirror the incongruence of the human foot and deliver a molded fit, multiple pieces of leather are hand-sewn and hand-lasted on Yuketen’s proprietary last. In addition, the base of the vamp has been cinched to further ensure an integumentary fit.

A sport crepe outsole - modeled on classic running shoe soles - is directly attached to a natural-crepe midsole. This double pairing of American-made natural crepe provides superb shock absorption and an incredibly soft and slip-resistant tread, ensuring sublime comfort for the wearer.

WARNING: It is important to avoid contact with any petroleum based products as this may cause the natural crepe outsole to dissolve.


  • Genuine moccasin construction

  • Hand-sewn plug, overcast and heel

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Available in: FO G Brown, FO Khaki, FO Perla

  • Available with: Sports Crepe Sole


Where to Buy

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35 Dundas St
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