Postman Norwegian


The Postman Norwegian shoe is an auspicious addition to the Yuketen collection, inspired by the uniform shoes worn by French postmen in the 1940’s. The shoe is hand-crafted in Italy from select cuts of hand-dyed French calf leather. A full grain leather welt is stitched to both the upper and the insole using Norwegian welt stitching, also known as 'waterproof welt' because of the effective seal this creates. Decorative hand-pinking on the welt provides a stark contrast with the Italian-made, 100% rubber commando lug soles and matching heel components.

Yuketen’s Postman Norwegian prominently portrays its character strengths as a semi-formal moccasin-toe shoe built with robust components and construction methods to withstand all conditions.

  • Norwegian welt construction
  • Made in Italy
  • Available in: Vela Coco, Vela Nero
  • Available with: Italian lug sole

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