Maine Guide Oxford Quebec Eyestay

Yuketen true moccasin footwear are genuine handsewn by highly skilled and experienced leather artisans who take great pride and fulfillment in their work. Yuketen’s true moccasins are handmade at Yuketen’s bespoke moccasin factory in Maine, U.S.A. with the concept to create shoes and boots which cradle the bottom of the foot like leather socks. The unique shape of the eyestay for this style, “Quebec Eyestay,” is named for and inspired by designs found on authentic Inuit boots. 

These shoes are handmade in Maine, U.S.A. with the waxed flesh side of full-grain leather tanned in U.S.A. Waxed leather is inherently waterproof and therefore was utilized for U.S. Marine footwear. Yuketen incorporates this leather on several styles because waxed leather vintages more quickly than other leathers. After only a few months of wear the footwear will appear as though they’ve been worn for years. The authentic American beaver hair on the tip is a striking detail inspired by trappers and traders during America’s early exploration. 

The replaceable Italian-made Cortina sole is a soft-compound lug sole, which was made to commemorate the winter Olympic Games of 1956 which were held in the Cortina district of Italy. This lug sole was created to offer the best balance of grip and durability to maintain consistent performance, even in freezing environments. Complementary to the sole detail, nine layers of highest quality materials including the leather midsole, the composition midsole and [5] the vegitan leather tuck with shank are sandwiched between the lucky owner’s foot and the ground. 

The Maine Guide collection, available only from Yuketen, is inspired by Maine wilderness guides with rugged features including functional and durable pattern shapes designed to endure the elements. The styling of the Maine Guide Ox Quebec Eyestay boasts the performance benefits of the other Maine Guide models in a more accessible low-cut silhouette with eccentric detailing.

  • Genuine moccasin construction
  • Hand-sewn plug, overcast and heel
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in: Wax Brown with Beaver Hair
  • Available with: Vibram Cortina Sole

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