Yuketen’s Joshua is entirely handcut and benchmade in Mexico with the original Tyrolean last for an ideal union of comfort and style. The unique design of this shoe originates from the region of Tyrol, an area of the Alps and a territory that is now split between modern-day Austria and Italy. The upward-curving and pointed toe silhouette is an element that can be found on traditional shoes in the mountain communities in this area.

The fundamental components for this style are cow suede uppers lined with soft-tanned cow leather for added comfort and a foundation that is constructed of a combination of vegetable-tanned leather midsoles and the Good Rubber’s genuine lug soles, which boasts pronounced lug tread pattern with a clean outsole border that is both elegant in appearance yet also functionally rugged and useful in the outdoors.

Yuketen’s meticulous Goodyear stitches are made by a sturdy 1910 German-made welt stitcher and all Goodyear stitches are hand-notched for added security. Veg-tan leather insoles ensure conformity to the shape of the wearer’s foot for long-term comfort. Forepart of the insoles are hand-sanded as it helps to absorb the moisture from the feet and keeps them dry. Perhaps the most fascinating detail of this style is the orthopedic fitting which improves posture and reduces foot fatigue. 

These remarkable features mark a new direction for Yuketen’s design aesthetic verging toward formal elegance while simultaneously maintaining all core principles and construction techniques for highest-quality handmade products.

  • Goodyear-welt construction
  • Bench-made, hand lasted
  • Steel shank reinforcement
  • Available in: Dk. Brown Suede
  • Available with: Vibram 2021 Sole

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