Daniel's Wingtip Boots


Yuketen's Cordovan Daniel’s Wingtip Boots reaches toward the limits of obtainable luxury. A feat both in design and execution, the upper is masterfully formed from a single, continuous cut of shell cordovan. Shell cordovan is considered the diamond of cordwainery, an equestrian leather named for the posterior segment of the horse from where this irregular, oval-shaped 'shell' cut of material is taken. The motion of the animal's hip joints against taut skin gives this leather a burnish that, like a diamond, plays stunningly against the light. Cordovan's delicate weight makes this elaborate boot perfect for spring and summer.

Each shoe is benchmade in Mexico using semi-modified 1930’s American lasts for elegant and enduring style. A 100% vegetable-tanned leather outsole is then Goodyear-stitched to the shoe's midsole using a 1910 German-made welt stitcher, each stitch being both hand-notched on the welt and sealed on the bottom of the outsole to eliminate thread breakage. Finally, a hand-crafted, leather heel is attached using nails carved from lemon trees. This soft, absorbent wood will expand when met by streets slicked with spring rain, tightly securing the heel to the shoe.

Full-leather insoles, natural cork filler for cushioning, and steel shank reinforcements increase fitting in the arch and heel as well as lessen foot fatigue by forming a stable bridge between the heel and ball of the individual owner's foot. Each insole has been hand-molded and hand-shaved in Mexico from 100% vegetable-tanned leather leaving a double-channel leather rib, an insignia of quality and rare detail seldom found in footwear today. Intricate hand-perforated broguing on the toe and pinking throughout the shoe are the finishing touches that make the Daniel’s Wingtip Boots uniquely and exquisitely Yuketen.


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