1940 Milspec Oxford Straight Tip


Yuketen’s Ribbon Oxford style is an elegant straight-tip lace-up oxford that is Goodyear-welted  with classic American machinery and made with the same Italian full-grain calf leather that is traditionally used for military officers’ shoes. 
The shape originates from a mil-spec last that is specifically made for ranking officer’s shoes. Natural leather insoles are used for this model to ensure conformity to the shape of the wearer’s foot over time for improved fit while the outsole is made of extra-thick oiled leather to maximize durability and longevity. In addition, the Goodyear stitching through the bottom of the outsole leather is sealed to eliminate thread breakage. This style also boasts a natural leather welt and deadstock Cat’s Paw rubber heels to complete the outward statement of high-quality materials and construction. 
Quality components and classic details are invaluable intrinsic elements for Yuketen footwear that are assuredly present with Yuketen’s 1940 Mil-spec Oxford Straight Tip.

  • Goodyear-welt construction

  • Bench made, hand lasted

  • Steel shank reinforcement

  • Available in: CC Black

  • Available with: Biltrite Tap Sole and Cat’s Paw Heel


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