Penny Loafer with Crepe Wedge Sole - FO Peanut


D Width
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The Ivy League set an undeniable standard of prestigious dress in the 1950s. The resonance of this highly-regionalized expression of class and traditionalism has persevered in the United States in the ensuing five decades, but its impact was more immediately felt across the Pacific. Throughout the style districts of Japan, such as Osaka’s Amerikamura (“American Village”), clothiers traded in vintage Brooks Brothers suits, L. L. Bean duck boots and Pendleton shirts, while trend reports from overseas were turned gospel, as evidenced with the cult classic Take Ivy. Yuketen’s Penny Loafer with Crepe Wedge Sole offers a well-constructed take on the Ivy League classic. 

Our distinctive midsole component, constructed from composition rubber and 100% vegetable-tanned leather which has been air-dried in a 90-day process, is Goodyear-stitched together before being directly stitched to the vamp leather. Steel shank reinforcements increase fitting in the arch and heel, forming a stable bridge between the heel and ball of the owner's foot which causes weight to be distributed more evenly across the foot and reduces foot fatigue. Our Yuketen signature tucks and full leather insoles are also made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather and will naturally accommodate the distinct shape of the wearer’s foot over time.  The result is a shoe that will cradle its owner's foot, providing immeasurable comfort the more the shoe is worn.

A crepe wedge outsole is directly attached to a natural-crepe midsole and is made in the U.S.A. from 100% natural crepe. This double pairing provides superb shock absorption and an incredibly soft and slip-resistant tread, ensuring sustained comfort in walking long city blocks or travelling afoot down dusty country roads.

WARNING: It is important to avoid contact with any petroleum based products as this may cause the natural crepe outsole to dissolve

  • Genuine moccasin construction
  • Horween flesh-out leather upper
  • Vegetable-tanned leather insole
  • Vegetable-tanned leather midsole
  • 100% natural crepe wedge sole
  • Made in the U.S.A.