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'At the frontier the environment is at first too strong for the man. He must accept the conditions which it furnishes, or perish, and so he fits himself into the Indian clearings and follows the Indian trails. Little by little he transforms the wilderness, but the outcome is not the old Europe... The fact is, that here is a new product that is American.'

- Frederick Jackson Turner, 'The Significance of the Frontier in American History'

     Yuketen's Maine Guide collection draws inspiration from the early wilderness guides of New England, who in leading European hunters and traders into contact with indigenous North Americans brought about a cultural synthesis most aptly reflected in the boots these guides wore. The close-fitting, stitched wrappings of pliant leather worn by early natives reflected necessity laid bare by the bitterness of winter and the silent tread of the autumn hunt preceding. Modernization of the West brought lasts, dies and outsoles, applying durability to moccasin comfort. Rendered in a higher profile, the classic 'American' guide boot was born, and it is in tribute to the propulsive spirit of the boot's earliest owners that Yuketen has approached a new frontier in its design.

     The unique shape of the eyestay for this style, “Quebec Eyestay,” is named for and inspired by designs found on authentic Inuit boots. The authentic American beaver hair on the tip is a striking addition inspired by ‘trappers and traders during America’s early exploration. Ball bearing hooks, inspired by 1940s ski boot construction, have been added for the new FW2014 model, raising the profile of the shoe to a rugged, almost industrial mid-top silhouette. Each shoe is handstitched in our Maine, U.S.A. factory from Horween waxed flesh side leather. Waxed leather is inherently waterproof and was therefore adopted as a preferred material for US marine footwear. Yuketen incorporates this leather on several styles because waxed leather vintages more quickly than other leathers. After only a few months of wear, the shoe will appear as though it’s been worn for years. The upper is hand-punched and handsewn with awl, needle, and thread on Yuketen's proprietary last from multiple pieces of leather in order to ensure reinforcement and is cinched at the base to create an integumentary fit.

     An Italian-made Cortina sole complements the dense eight layers of rubber and leather underfoot. The replaceable Cortina sole is a soft-compound lug sole, which was made to commemorate the winter Olympic Games of 1956, which were held in the Cortina district of Italy. This lug sole was created to offer the best balance of grip and durability to maintain consistent performance in extreme weather. Our distinctive midsole component, constructed from composition rubber and 100% vegetable-tanned leather which has been air-dried in a 90-day process, is Goodyear-stitched together before being directly stitched to the vamp leather. Steel shank reinforcements increase fitting in the arch and heel, forming a stable bridge between the heel and ball of the owner's foot which causes weight to be distributed more evenly across the foot and reduces foot fatigue. Our Yuketen signature tucks and full leather insoles are also made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather and will naturally accommodate the distinct shape of the wearer’s foot over time. The result is a shoe that will cradle its owner's foot, providing immeasurable comfort over a long trek.

  • Genuine moccasin construction
  • Hand-sewn plug, overcast and heel
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in: Wax Brown with Beaver Hair, Wax brown with Hair on Cow
  • Available with: Vibram Cortina Sole

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