Short Hunt Boot

Yuketen’s Hunting Short Jr Boot is a stout, robust boot well-suited to take on winter weather in the city as well as far afield, inspired by a combination of 1930s work boot silhouettes and hunting boots. Each piece of Yuketen footwear is hand-crafted by highly skilled and experienced leather artisans who take great pride and fulfillment in their work.

The Hunting Short Jr is anchored by Vibram’s 2021 outsole and a double stitched welt. Stitch-down construction prevents outside moisture from penetrating the shoe and gives the boot an exquisite sock-like fit. Puritan stitching adorns the backstay and upper, adding both tough reinforcement and refined detail.

An abundance of high quality materials such as 100% leather midsoles and Vibram outsoles form the solid foundation for this unique Yuketen design. Inside the shoe, Yuketen’s full-leather insole offers unparalleled comfort that conforms to the wearer’s foot. Full leather lining and a supple scotch grain upper are the finishing touches that give testament to Yuketen’s dedication to quality. 


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